Key Services:
1. Dynamic massage to lose weight: for people who have more than 6kg / 13lbs to lose up to 22kg or 50lbs above the international standard weight (WHO standard);
2. Personalized shaping massage to reshape: for people who have an unbalanced body shapes, or have some extra weight (less than 6 kg) on some specific spots such as thighs, hips, belly, shoulder-backs etc.
Functional Services:
3. Detoxification: for people who have after-medical treatment, or after birth combination side effects etc to cleansing their internal system detoxification, retreat the body mechanism to function regularly and healthily;
4. Swollen legs: people who suffer from arthritics, kidney dysfunctional, bladder overload deficiency; bowel and intestines inefficient circulation;  
Complementary Services:
5. Improve sleeping quality: for people who do not sleep well.
6. Back pain: people who suffer from back pains mainly because the blood circulation is blocked, specially on the main circulating channel—spine, whatever the causes are, the consequences are the same: lack of blood supplies to the brain (will cause the bad sleep and dizzy or migraine or even very severe headaches) and to the organs (will cause heart deficiency and organs dysfunctions, such as  digestion system dysfunction will increase over weight risks);
“Miraculous” Services (offered only for people who finished the Key Services treatments):
7. Mysterious light fingers-punching facial massage to reduce wrinkles.
8. Light slapping massage to enlarge the breasts size.
Sliming,  shaping,  Firming
Our services
 ZhangSilhouette Massage is a mix of several ancient Asian massage methods such as Chinese Acupuncture Points, Japanese Acupressure, Thai Muscle Tissue Massage, Tibetan Digestion Massage, Chinese Qigong Energy Retreat Massage and Chinese Meridian Tuina Massage, and integrated with Chinese medicine principles and philosophy on food including red meats, high protein fishes, vegetables and fruits at different seasons for different ages and body-types for their best combination and balance on body’s and mind’s Yin and Yang to reach the Top Zen.
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