Our Philosophy
By Kate Qiu-Yi ZHANG,
Creator, owner and master masseuse of ZhangSilhouette
a dynamic massage for lose weight by reshaping your body and your mind.
Sliming,  shaping,  Firming
 Whenever we talk about lose weight, we look for a fast and easy way, but since 20 years I have been in Canada, from the first day I hear about 'lose weight ads---all with guarantee'. Guess what? Today we have much more over weighted people than ever.
Does it mean that all these smart people and doctors who are promoting these methods lies to us, no no no.  They may all say the truth, but a losing weight treatment can work ONLY if you engage your decision to do it.
Now more and more machine treatment are available to loose weight, but one thing bother me, these machines doesnot make the difference between the clients : People have  different body shape, different physical conditions: digestion efficiencies, mechanism of the functionality of organs based on each individual's balance system by different ages, male from female, someone had some healthy history different from the others...HOW these magic machines can tell the differences from one another?
This is why we ONLY believe in Hands-on Massage treatment, which does the same job as some high tech laser machine (which is  release excess fat into the interstitial space. From there, fat is passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification) but personnalized,  by respecting each individual body and mental conditions, without the use of any chemical or other treatment.
For women, loosing weight is important, but our shape is even more important. We need to loose weight on certain specific places (legs, tummy, etc...) Our Hands-only massage treatment is the only one that allows total personalization to your desires and needs, loosing weight only where you need to, and preserving our feminine curves
With Chez-kate treatment, with our Hand ONLY massage treatment, you will not only loose weight, you will get the shape of body you want
So what you say: with the our guarantee(lose weight and size), plus shaping at the same time: if you lose some weight but the shape is still awful, how a lady could appreciate that deeply?
Try us, every massage makes you lose weight and size, no loss no massage no charge!
So how that sounds to you, come to try it, for the first time it will be introduced into Montreal after 5 years with more than 200 women were treated in Shanghai, and after 5 months successful trial in Ontario(2 clients lost 7-10lbs and 10-13cm waist with 10 massages/one month, 3 ladies lost between 7-20lbs in 3 months), the first 5 clients of Montreal signed will get a package of 2 massage get one massage free. One month 10 massages will make you lose between 3-10lbs, remember after the first detoxification week, if the first massage you didn't lose, no following massage and no charge, which means IF this massage does not really work on you losing weight or shaping your size down, we will be out of business in a very very short period, the following week....
So, hurry up, be the first 5 ladies in Montreal, prepare your new swimming suits ready for this Summer, guaranteed!
Montréal, QC
Bowmanville, ON
Shanghai, CN
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