Testimony from customers
Since 5 years we treated more than 200 expats (mainly french and german ladies) in Shanghai, and had a five month session in Ontario. Here is what some of our customers says about it
Sliming,  shaping,  Firming
 Jo-ann, 50,  Bowmanville, ON,  lose weight program, 3 months treatment
"I should begin my weight loss testimony by saying up front I have struggled with weight loss and keeping it off for years: a culmination of yo-yo dieting, extreme fitness training, food deprivation and a lack of understanding of how my body works.  I have felt the absolute thrill of weight loss results and the joy of once again feeling and looking better (oh, how sweet it was to fit into my ‘small’ clothes), only to feel the true disappointment in myself when I would gain it back within a very short time. So, for the last few years I tried to accept that my body shape was what it was. I gave all my beautiful ‘small’ clothes away as they were only a painful reminder of defeat and honestly had become quite a burden.  I tried telling myself that it was ok but each day I looked in the mirror loathing myself.  I was not happy.  And, then one day I realized I was headed towards developing health issues like my Mother.  That horrified me. I consulted a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck but the prospect of surgery scared me.  Not that that was rational thinking but desperate people do desperate things, right?  
That was when I was introduced to Kate and the Zhang Silhouette program. Kate is a unique blend of knowledge, skills, honesty, encouragement and kindness.  I liked the idea of getting healthier and the prospect of my body working properly.  It made sense that once my body detoxified and was working more efficiently that my weight would come off and stay off. Now, I am three months into the program and have had much success. I have lost 20 lbs. and a total of ____ inches!  To my delight, my shape has changed (that horrible back and tummy fat are pretty much gone), my attitude has changed and more importantly my outlook on life is considerably different. It amazes me that I do not have the food cravings like I have experienced in the past.  Through this process, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and that we all have a distinct and unique body.  That’s what is so good about the program...it’s personalized.  I’m learning to work ‘with’ my body, ‘listen’ carefully to it in order to have a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. I am so very thankful to Kate and her program. I am still struck by Kate’s commitment to me, which translated into a commitment to myself.  It has given me a whole new perspective on life, relationships and inner strength and I trust now, I will get there!"
Lori, 47,  Bowmanville, ON, Detoxication, sleeping problem, 12 massages
"After years of struggling with my weight, I visited Kate to try her services.  I found it to be truly amazing.  Following the first massage, I lost 4 pounds.  After the second, 5!!! The weight loss was a little slower,  but continual over the series of massages. I was taking sleeping pills for 2 and half year, but right right after first detoxification massage, I naturally went for an afternoon nap and feel going to sleep at 8pm.What is amazing that from that day on, I stopped needing the sleeping pills. The massage does have a very quick reactive result on reducing the desire of eating greasy and sugary food and drinks including beer and wine. I felt that Kate's combination of massage, coaching and lifestyle planing really worked for me.  I recommend her to several (5!) friends who were amazed at my progress.  They all met their weight loss goals and raved about Kate. Many of the habits that she instilled in me have endured and for that, I am grateful. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight and live a healthier life."  

Keith, Male; 47, Bowmanville, ON, 2 massages, back pain, swollen legs
"After seriously injuring my back working on a factory line, I went to Kate to seek relief from my pain.  Kate gave me an incredible deep tissue massage which resulted in a considerable lessening of the pain.  After two days, I was totally pain free. What a relief!  If I could have a massage from Kate everyday, I would. Thank you Kate."
Montréal, QC
Bowmanville, ON
Shanghai, CN
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