Lose weight massage
By Kate Qiu-Yi ZHANG,
Creator, owner and master masseuse of ZhangSilhouette
a dynamic massage for lose weight by reshaping your body and your mind.
Sliming,  shaping,  Firming
So you wonder : "Lose weight Massage", must be a joke, eh?
If we say: massage can HELP you lose weight, many may agree, but if we say Massage DOES the job to make you lose weight and reshape you? Are you willing to try it? We guarantee the result: after one massage, if no weight loss or size reduce, no 2nd massage, no charge.... which means? -- If THIS dynamic massage is JUST another propaganda, then we will be out of business the second day(when you come for the second day appointment for massage, we will not give it to you, of course we will not charge you for the appointment neither, so we LOSE your business, right? So what really cost you is: a open mind for this specially gifted method come from the 6000 years integrated several ancient Asian mysterious hands-on-Only treatments. We call it the Green Eden Garden of health and beauty.
How does it works?
1st step: Acu-point pressuring: open the energy circulation points, make the blood flow fluent and smooth;
      -. reduce the fat food and sugar needs in your blood;
      -. relax the nerves to improve your sleeping quality;
      -. ease of your back pain;
2nd step: The spine meridian channel movement with powerful grab and fast hand-rolling will heat up the blood to clean-up the blood cloths blocked in those acu-points surroundings;
      -. burn out the fat cells;
      -. speed-up the blood self-cleansing process;
      -. relieve the pain caused by the blood cloths blockage;
3rd step: The whole body QiGong TuiNa, through meditated Qi-energy passing the masseuse's hands to your Pangguang Meridian (Heart<->liver<->kidneys<->Spleen<->Stomach<->Bladder<->Intestines);
      -. deflate your swollen legs;
      -. re-active the nerves links to the related organs;
      -. eliminate the sodium and toxins in your immure system;
      -. treat your digestion system deficiency;
      -. re-adjust your appetite pattern;
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