Sliming,  shaping,  Firming
Zhang Silhouette, for an healthier and happier life,
get your curves back and help your body to function at its best.  
for losing weight and reshaping only- Free Evaluation

For back pain, sleeping problems, detoxication or swolen legs problem :
Package of 3 massages of 1 hour each : 200 CAD (or 80 CAD per massage)
Lose weight and Shaping program:
Often people ask me first before coming to see me:
How long it will take me to look my xxx lbs of over weight? How much it will cost?
Since our treatment is based on each person conditions and specifications, we don't have a standard answer. We will treat you based on initial weight, out of  shape area over size and health conditions, packages start from 600CAD per month, (9-12 treatments per month of 60-90 min each) please come for the first free consultation and assessment based on each individual's circumstances, together we will come up with you plan.
Montréal, QC
Bowmanville, ON
Shanghai, CN
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