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get your curves back and help your body to function at its best.  
Special offer for Montréal
Sliming,  shaping,  Firming


February 2012, We are now introducing Zhangsilhouette treatment for the first time in Montréal.
The first 5 clients of Montreal signed  for losing weight program or shaping program will get a package of 2 massage get one massage free. One month 10 massages will make you lose between 3-10lbs
So how that sounds to you, come to try it, remember after the first detoxification week, if the first massage you didn't lose, no following massage and no charge, which means IF this massage does not really work on you losing weight or shaping your size down, we will be out of business in a very very short period, the following week....
We can offer that because we know how effective it is. Since 5 years, more than 200 women were treated in Shanghai, and  we just had a 5 months successful trial in Ontario (2 clients lost 7-10lbs and 10-13cm waist with 10 massages/one month, 3 ladies lost between 7-20lbs in 3 months),
So, hurry up, be the first 5 ladies in Montreal,
get your new swimming suits ready for this Summer, guaranteed!  
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