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  Losing weight is a long term objective. If you think you can lose weight without doing anything and without changing anything in your habits, you are in the wrong place. Like for any big decision on your life, you have to be commited for it to work, and we will work together with you to make you not only lose weight, but also to reshape your body and to make sure you know how to keep that shape for the rest of your life
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So here I will try to explain how it works before wards, so you do NOT have to face these seemed awkward questions but also essential questions which will effect your decision applications.
Let me start in another way by question us: When we decide to become a bride, or decide to get into a university program to pursuit our long time dream, or decide to do something about your weight or shape, what we think we must to do in order to succeed with our initial decision?  
1. Commitment;
2. Discipline;
3. Adjust/change in habit/lifestyle;
Apply this to a new enroll student:
1. She must commit to pay the tuition and related cost and pass all the exams in order to get a certificate by the end, right?
2. She must discipline to get up and come every class, participate the group study activities, do the home works,right?
3. She must adjust/change her schedules or life style in order to prioritize to meet the school requirements to reach the success, right?
Apply this to a weight loss or shaping program:
1. She must commit to go all the way to get her weight down, ready to pay the treatment program deposit and weekly cost similar as the tuition and cost, right?
2. She must discipline to follow the instructions of the program: 3 consecutive days per week, no loss, no massage the following day(it means the body didn't react to eliminate the toxin the previous day massage worked maybe cause by bad sleep/late sleep,  no charge applied neither, we take the loss of the missing appointment), right?
3. She must be willing and ready to adjust(for shaping clients)/change(for lose weight clients), all have to coordinate with each individual's best adaptation or acceptation of WHEN and HOW to sleep, WHAT and HOW to eat, When, WHAT and HOW to do the excises(lose weight clients will not do any excise until the weight drop to only 10 lbs over standard weight--our treatment is a dynamic excise done by your masseuse for you, one massage equal to 3 GYM hrs intensive excise), right?
So conclusion:
The person who is half committed to a study or a sport cannot succeed, she is wasting her time or gambling her life, even though she may feel like she is having some fun.
Similarly, it takes a total commitment to this ZhangSilhouette lose weight/shaping program(even though, it is the masseuse who does the JOB to make you lose weight or shape-up) for you to become healthily beautiful again, not a conditional or part-time commitment.
A disciplined life is a successful life! An undisciplined person will not succeed in life and will usually end up blaming others for her plight(family gens, failed relationships, work stress, etc).
An undisciplined "lose weight/shaping client" will not be able to break their Yoyo pattern of Lose weight efforts and rest in the peace of "never be fat again" but will wander in the wilderness of some TV ads alimentary food replacements or some over night magical piles(we all know that they are not safe for our health, neither they will last the effect on our bodies and minds).
Adjust/Change in lifestyle:
The person who is not willing to change his or her way of life - to let go of or exchange somethings that have to go so that other new and better things can replace them - is like a car stuck in ice or sand, spinning its wheels for nothing.
The desired "healthily beauty" searcher who has one foot in the world of being healthy and beautiful and the other foot in the world(dreaming miracles transform her body and mind ) like in that car: stuck in ice, going nowhere.
We urge your appeal for a new morality(love yourself also takes certain forms as well, appearance is the first visible sign, and the healthier feeling comes along to join the happier power force), a new way of life "in the healthier way" means by the authority of your heart and divine inspiration, as the pre-student of ZhangSilhouette program, we urge you to put off every trace of your past life, as though they were dirty clothes, and to put on new, clean ones.
You MUST no longer live as the PAST you, they one you dislike to even take a look in the mirror, there needed to be a corresponding change in your lives, we ARE here to help you making that happening all the way.
The unhappy past-you: aimless, blind, unhappy, shamed yourself, irresponsible to your health and beauty, greedy, indecent ... these toxins created an enormous appetite for more of the same thing. How different this way of life was from the life of your desired heart whom they had come to know and love yourself?
Because you put off your old self and put on the new self when you join this "self-loving is your Moral Duty" program, you should demonstrate this change in your daily life. We will do the JOB to fix your past by losing your extra weight or size, along with all the education knowledge of self-body and self-mind conscientiousness, and respect your body as the way respect your mind. These tolls of knowledge will guard your body and mind activities in your whole system of self-health-conscientiousness, yeah, now you are sure with yourself what you can do for yourself, and be award what you will never do again.
Some say that morals are a matter of the culture in which we live, no, the pure morals towards yourself, you know it 100% and sure: loving yourself is an irreplaceable duty  to yourself -- not put a condition as: my Mom didn't love me, or my husband doesn't love me any more, or my friends are all away from me....etc. no, no, no......loving you is NOT their duty, those are the blessings, loving yourself is the ONLY moral duty you MUST take the responsibility, because? After all, IT is YOUR life, not theirs. So is IT your body and YOUR mind.
The what should we do then? come out your dark past, introduce a light into your life!
We ARE here for YOU!

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