Health is beautiful
Zhang Silhouette offer a dynamic massage to lose weight
by reshaping your body and your mind.
   Based on traditionnal chinese medecine and "Qi tuina massage", the weight loss technique developped by Zhang Silhouette will allow you to, not only lose your extra weight, but also detoxify your body, helps you relax and sleep better, helps your digestive system to function at it's best, and regain your vital energy (Qi)
No medecine or diet supplement of any kind. No sale of any products. Coaching for a healthier life style. More infos about our services here.
Hands only massage to lose weight, read more details here
    We WILL help you reach your ideal weight and refind the curves of your body. If you don't lose weight, we won't charge you.
   If you are interested to lose weight, or our reshaping program,
contact us for a first FREE  appointment to evaluate your needs and your objectives :
Zhang Silhouette
Zhang Silhouette, for an healthier and happier life,
get your curves back and help your body to function at its best.  
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